Cover Story : 又笑又喊才是Same Day Edit

We are glad and happy that our same day edit mv are now showing on Cover Story !!! 感謝She.com的訪問及報導!編者名題一矢中的,在我們心中,能夠讓人「又喊又笑才是same day edit」! 眾人的喜悅、感動、欣慰與激動,全都是來自當日的真實反應,是新人值得珍藏的畫面;能夠為你們保存,是我們的榮幸!與大家分享「婚約」的 same day edit mv及專訪!! "A Good movie is Worth a Thousand Words " ** Special Thanks text_ Annie & photo_ Benny nag & 新人Pinky Tse & Frankie Woo


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